BITMAIN Successfully Hosted Hydro-Cooling Data Center Tour in Thailand

On August 10th, BITMAIN successfully hosted the Hydro-Cooling Data Center Tour, inviting its customers to visit Green Energy Mining (GEM) in Bangkok, Thailand.

Located in the tropics, Thailand has a year-round average temperature above 30℃ and humidity ranging from 66% to 82.8%. For traditional air-cooling mining farms, high temperature and humid environments have always been extremely challenging, and poor heat dissipation can cause a series of challenges such as fluctuating hashrate, rising J/T, which increase failure rates.

Hydro-cooling containers and heat dissipation advantages of hydro-cooling technology have solved these problems. Hydro-cooling technology allows every chip to run stably, regardless of seasons or locations. GEM has been in operation for around one year, and hydro-cooling miners continue to run stably, with an annual RMA rate of about 1.1% (Sample from S19 Pro+ Hyd.).

During the tour, BITMAIN’s Chief Engineer of hydro-cooling products introduced details about three major solutions of ANTSPACE HK3, including dry-wet tower, dry tower and plate heat exchanger. The three solutions can efficiently adapt to different temperatures, water resources, and conditions, ensuring the convenient operation of hydro-cooling miners worldwide.

After the event, most of the attendees expressed that the tour had strengthened their confidence in constructing hydro-cooling mining farms. Hydro-cooling technology allows chips to perform well with impressive online rate and stability. The three major solutions provided by ANTSPACE HK3 demonstrate great milestone significance, showing that hydro-cooling is the future of the mining industry.

The Hydro-Cooling Data Center Tour is jointly organized by BITMAIN and global hydro-cooling mining farms, inviting industry clients to visit global hydro-cooling mining farms and share experiences. Through hydro-cooling data center tours, BITMAIN progresses the mining industry with hydro-cooling technology, building a cleaner, more efficient, and greener mining industry.

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