ANTMINER Pizza Festival Event Comes to a Successful Conclusion

The ANTMINER Pizza Festival event came to a successful close on May 7th, and we extend our gratitude to all our valued customers and BTC!

With the Pizza Festival pricing at $23/T, the S19XP can reach its break-even point in just 249 days, assuming an electricity cost of $0.06/KWH. A big congratulations to all the customers who managed to purchase during the Pizza Festival!

Since the start of this year, the market has been heating up, leading to further growth and prosperity in the BTC ecosystem, as well as a steady increase in miners’ transaction fees. The total transaction fee revenue across the BTC network has skyrocketed from an average of 12BTC/day in January to 636BTC/day, marking a 52-fold increase.

In contrast to ordinary holders, miners can reap the dual benefits of rising currency prices and transaction fees, making valuable contributions to the BTC community while also sharing in the rewards of the BTC ecosystem’s expansion.

Moving forward, BITMAIN will keep working alongside community members to build, govern, and share in the success, forging an even more thriving BTC ecosystem.

After the Pizza Festival, the S19XP miner’s price will be adjusted back to $33/T.

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